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The Four Humours and Temperaments

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A Livestream Class with Yeshe Matthews

Sat at 10:30 am in The Mercury Atrium

In the 1850's the analysis of the four Humors set forth by Empedocles and popularized by Hippocrates fell out of favor with doctors as germ theory gained a foothold in the medical establishment. Modern medicine's success depends on understanding the cells that have been infected, invaded, or corrupted, so that the appropriate antidotes may be applied. However, the Four Humors and Temperaments, and the base energetic conditions they describe that underly our physical and emotional states, can still offer us guidance in addressing our imbalances at a spiritual level.

For over a decade now, Yeshe has been tracking her own physical journey in light of the Four Humors, and she has experienced certain resonances between the conditions of my mind, body, emotions, and spirit that track neatly with the general meanings of:

  • Blood: excitement; outpouring; socialization
  • Yellow Bile: assertion/aggression; yearning/accumulating; fear of loss
  • Black Bile: sorrow; grief; melancholia
  • Phlegm: stagnation; shyness; quietude

In this class, we will unpack the history and traditional meanings of the Four Humors, analyze them through a modern lens, and look for magical and energetic antidotes to some of our most common personal obstacles based on our Temperament types. Each attendee is encouraged to bring a story of a time when, beyond what your doctor offered as the formal diagnosis, you experienced a healing crisis, shamanic illness, or a type of spiritual malaise that you felt ultimately helped you gain a fresh spiritual perspective. This is a safe space to discuss chronic or unexpected pain or illness in a magical way. Get ready to feel personally called out by some of the Temperament aspects that might resonate with your experience. This class will feature both Humors and humor, as laughter truly is good medicine!